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6 kroků k uzdravení naší duše – v angličtině pro Magazín Brainz

The reason why some people irritate us is that they mirror our own unprocessed wounds. There are old wounds and energy blocks in each of us. Most of them are buried in our unconscious minds, but as we mature, we learn a magical pattern:

“Every time we heal a wound and release a block, we move forward in our life.”

That’s why there’s such a boom in coaching, therapies, light, energy, and related matters.

We simply want to move forward in our lives. We want to thrive, and experience joy and the lightness of being, instead of worrying and living without such solace and comfort. Moreover, we want to feel loved and aligned to our true selves. None of this is possible when our unconscious (sometimes even conscious) mind and soul are stuck in the past.

Think of it this way:

When we meet someone who irritates us, the Universe offers us an opportunity to take a step forward in our life. Facing irritation becomes a daily energy workout when you know what to do.

Here are 6 steps to follow when you feel irritated:

  1. Breath in and out with eyes closed

  2. Find the pattern: What is the true source of this irritation?

  3. Scan your inner self and ask: Where else can I find this pattern in my own life?

  4. Decide whether you can fix it or if you must accept it

  5. Send love, light, and healing to your wound.

  6. Open your eyes and keep a journal about your findings

Mirroring is a powerful manifestation of our inner energy. Realizing and becoming aware that people irritate us because they mirror our own inner energetic disbalance is life-changing.

I do hope you have found this article helpful, if you’d like to receive more information about energy work, find me on Instagram: Martina Energy

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