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Your Wellness Guide To Body, Mind & Soul



22 Wellbeing Experts from around the world


Chapter 22:

Life's Toolbox by Martina W. Opava

We are all looking for balance and happiness in life. Today’s society certainly isn’t making it any easier to achieve that elusive blend of health, success and well-being. ONE is the ultimate wellness guide on balance between Body and Mind, a winning combo of 21 therapists, handpicked by Mirav Tarkka, on the subject of improving your well-being. Accessible, easy to read and full of practical tips this book is a must have, a perfect mix of storytelling and hands-on advice on getting to live the life you deserve. The book talks about different areas of life; nutrition, creativity, sexuality, stress, communication, creating and finding power and lots more are covered to give you a comprehensive insight into the connection between body and mind.


Martina Opava - Life´s Toolbox

Describing 5 practical tools to help you deal with an overwhelming situation and low energy life.

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